St. Ignatius

Performing Arts Courses

Course Catalog: Fine Arts Department

III. Performing Arts Courses  

The Fine Arts Department additionally offers Performing Arts Electives which fulfill the UC Fine Arts requirements (unless noted otherwise below):
Chamber Singers A, B, C, Dance Workshop C (9703), Drama 1C (9710),  Jazz Band C (9813), Jazz Combo C (9817), Mixed Chorus A, B, C* (9853), Orchestra A, B, C, or Pep Band A, B, C

*This "C" cause is not UC approved, but the course will still appear on a student's transcript.

These courses occur outside of the 9:00 am - 3:00 pm school day and may include after school, morning, evening, and/or weekend rehearsals.  These courses may involve assignments outside of class time, but do not fulfill the SI Graduation Requirement. However, these courses DO fulfill the UC/CSU entrance requirements for Visual and Performing Arts (unless noted otherwise above). The first semester taken, students are enrolled in "A," the second semester in "B," and for every subsequent semester "C."  All the courses appear on the student's transcript, but only the A&B courses are factored into a student''s SI GPA. For some subjects, only the "C" version of the course is currently available.

Students should not list Performing Arts Electives on their scheduling forms.  Auditions are required for each of these courses and the instructors will submit rosters during the first few weeks of each semester.