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Fine Arts

Course Catalog: Fine Arts Department


The Fine Arts Department offers Fine Arts and Perfoming Arts courses designed to develop the skills necessary for appreciation of and participation in the creative process embracing music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. Students are required to take two semesters of Fine Arts electives to fulfill graduation requirements. All courses are sequential in nature. Some are presented during 8th period, which are outside the regular school hours. 

8th period Performing Arts classes are taken in addition to, not in lieu of, a student's six classes during the regular school day. Students enrolled in an 8th period performing arts class will not be allowed to drop a course that meets during the regular school day.

First semester, choose from:
Art and Architecture 1A (6100), Studio Art A (6120), Studio Art A (8P) [6121]*⁸, Sculpture A (6150), Photography 1A (6160), Drama 1A (6210), Music Appreciation A (6500), Dance 1A (6601), or Multimedia Design 1A (6710)

Second semester, choose from any class above or complete the A/B sequence with:
Art and Architecture 1B (6105), Art and Nature Intensive: Art and Architecture 1B (8W) [6106]*, Visual Arts Practicum: Art and Architecture 1B (8P) [6107], Studio Art B (6125),  Art and Nature Intensive: Studio Art 1B (8W) [6126]*, Visual Arts Practicum: Studio Art B (8P) [6127]; Sacred Symbols Studio Art B/C (6130), Sculpture B (6155)*, Art and Nature Intensive: Sculpture B (8W) [6156]*, Visual Arts Practicum: Sculpture B (8P) [6157], Photography 1B (6165), Drama 1B (6211), Music Appreciation B (6515), Orchestra A (6521)⁸, Orchestra B (6522)⁸, AP Music Theory (6590)*⁸, Dance 1B (6602), or Multimedia Design 1B (6720)

Please see the Fine Arts Department - SI Graduation Requirement

University of California and California State University require students to complete the A/B sequence (two semesters) of one visual or performing arts discipline.  The two semesters need not be taken in the same academic year.  SI has a separate requirement that ONE semester of Fine Arts is taken during the 8:00am-3:00pm school day (it can overlap with the UC/CSU requirement).  Please see your counselor if you have any questions about this requirement, and to help you plan your classes accordingly. 

⁸ This course is offered outside of the 8:20-2:30 pm school day.  Courses may occur before school, after school, evenings, and/or weekends.  See course description.

*This class will be offered pending adequate enrollment.