St. Ignatius

The latest updates on the impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on our SI community.

The SI campus is open to Students while in the Hybrid Learning Schedule only with assigned cohorts as well as for a few select activities listed below:

  • Classes
  • SF Health Dept. approved Out of School (OTS) outdoor only programs and rentals, including SI Students strength and conditioning practices
  • Friday Morning Liturgy (FML)
  • Fashion Show filmed rehearsals
  • CYO bus service

Additional restrictions:

  • All students are required to show their COVID pre-screen form, with current date, for any of the above listed or separately approved activities.
  • All persons on campus are required to wear a face mask and socially distance at a minimum of six feet apart.
  • Gaiters and bandanas are not allowed.  We recommend double masking, but not required at this time.
  • Faculty and Staff are required to sign-in daily at the LobbyGuard station for contract tracing purposes.
  • Parents volunteers or while attending meetings are required to sign-in at the LobbyGuard station in order to provide a negative response to COVID symptom questions and contract tracing purposes. Please be sure to have your Driver’s License for the check-in protocols.  Parents must match the current 2020-21 directory.
  • Students and parents are allowed on campus after hours to retrieve learning materials or books. Please bring your SI Student ID and call the Security cell phone at 415-624-4285.
  • Main entrances to the Academic Building and McGucken Hall are now equipped with Aiphone Video Intercoms, providing security agents the ability to remotely identify and allow faculty, students or families access to the campus.
  • No Non-SI visitors – no friends or family for non-essential purposes.
  • Closed: Gyms, Pool and Locker rooms and Showers.
  • Rivera Garage is reserved for Faculty and Staff Only M-F from 6 a.m.-7:30 p.m.. 
  • Requests for additional access to campus must submit requests through the Director of Security, Marybeth McFarland, at or 415-419-4599 
  • Parents and Guardians are to report student or family COVID positive cases or potential contact with COVID positive persons through the Dean’s Office.
  • If your child travels, whether it be for sports or pleasure, outside of the Bay Area they must stay off campus for 10 days. This includes both indoor learning and outdoor Out of School Time (OST) sports programs.  San Francisco Dept. of Public Health continues to ask that our students be quarantined for 10 days if they have traveled beyond Bay Area counties.

We continue to plan for the future but please be aware that ALL dates remain subject to change.

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