St. Ignatius College Preparatory San Francisco's Jesuit school since 1855

Contact the Business Office

Office Hours:
8am - 5pm Monday through Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Mr. Ken Stupi
Vice President for Finance and Administration
415-731-7500, ext. 5202

Mr. Gus Gomozias
415-731-7500, ext. 5246

Mr. Jim Bettencourt
Director of Human Resources
415-731-7500, ext. 5611

Ms. Myriam Abramovici
Payroll / Accounts Payable / Benefits
415-731-7500, ext. 5245

Ms. Theresa Bayze
Financial Assistance Program Manager
415-731-7500, ext. 5449

Ms. Kathleen McKeon
Senior Accountant / All Tuition Matters
415-731-7500, ext. 5590

Ms. Kerryn Schwarz
Accounts Payable / MySchoolBucks
415-731-7500, ext. 5257