Clubs & Activities

Presently there are 95 clubs, representing various interests here at SI. Students meet at recess and after school to work on the school newspaper, help encourage ecological sustainability, organize rallies or prepare radio broadcasts. We encourage you, too, to be involved in student government to hone your leadership skills. All freshmen are required to engage in at least one extracurricular activity, and many develop lifelong interests and skills thanks to their start at SI.

All clubs at SI belong to one of the following categories:

  • Academic Clubs: Clubs that pertain to certain academic interests here on campus.
  • Affiliate Clubs: Clubs that are affiliated with a nationally recognized organization.
  • Affinity Clubs: Clubs that promote awareness and respect for diversity at St. Ignatius.
  • Arrupe Clubs: Clubs pertaining to promoting social justice. All Arrupe clubs fundraise for various causes.
  • Publications: Clubs that deal with any form of publication within the SI community.
  • Service Clubs: Clubs that serve our school community by assisting with certain events and/or providing a service to our school community.
  • Social Clubs: Clubs that promote the recreational interests of the student body. 
  • Spirit Clubs: Clubs that promote spirit at St. Ignatius.

Clubs at SI

If you don't see a club that you are interested in, start your own! Click here to download the application.

AMD VeGie (Social Club)

This clubs is commited to protecting the rights of the silenced and arguably most marginalized population - animals. The club focuses on education of animal rights through frequent socialization and bonding over vegan treats. We do not ask participants to change their lifestyle, but simply have an open mindset and join us in an exciting year - for the greater glory of veggies.

Moderator: Mr. Chad Evans

Admiral Callaghan Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Tom Lagomarsino

Art & Publicity (Service Club)

This club helps to publicize school events by making posters.

Moderator: Eric Castro

Asian Student Coalition - ASC (Affinity Club)

The Asian Student Coalition strives to share the various Asian cultures within the SI community. At the same time, ASC hopes to learn about and share the many cultures present within the SI community. Finally, ASC endeavors to provide a safe, friendly environment for students of Asian heritage to share the common experiences – the joys and challenges – of being an Asian-American in our society.

Moderators: Mr. Ray Orque and Ms. Stephanie Wong

Association of Latin American Students - ALAS (Affinity Club)

Foster community within the Latino population and its allies at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. Create a support network for members and their families. Encourage celebration and knowledge about Latino culture, history, and experiences at Saint Ignatius.

Moderators: Ms. Maricel Hernandez and Ms. Yolanda Medina Zevas

Badminton Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Ms. Leona Pappas

Birthday Wishes (Social Club)

Moderator: Ms. Katie Wolf

Black Student Union - BSU (Affinity Club)

Mission Statement: BSU exists to Show students of color that they are not on the outside looking in and can make a difference in what goes on around them. Members of BSU strive to learn and teach the St. Ignatius community about the richness of African-American culture, past and present.

Moderators: Mr. Chris Delaney and Mr. Darius White

Block Club (Service Club)

The Saint Ignatius Block Club is an organization for student-athletes at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. The role of the Block Club is to provide service to the school Administration and the Athletic Department. Members may be called upon to give their time both during school and at after-school activities. The Saint Ignatius Block Club is also a fraternity for athletes, sponsoring social events for the club and for the entire student body and offering the services of its members to groups outside the student body, for example, the Fathers’ Club, the Ignatian Guild, etc.

Click here for the Block Club constitution.

Moderator: Robert Vergara

Brain Club (Social Club)

To educate the SI community about the brain and ways to improve and maintain its health and to give support to people affected by brain injuries.

Moderator: Marla Bottner

Break Free Club (Social Justice)

The goal of this club is to raise money and spread awareness for human trafficking victims and survivors.

Moderator: Ms. Jen Curtin

California Scholarship Federation - CSF (Affiliate Club)

CSF is a club that fosters service among students with good grades in academic classes. Past service activities have been making sandwiches for the homeless, tutoring fellow students, and participating in S.I.'s holiday food drive. For more information, see or contact one of our moderators.

Moderators: Carol QuattrinChristine WilkinsonBrian Murphy

Cancer Awareness and Support Club (Arrupe Club)

It is the mission of the Cancer Awareness Group to outreach to those both in the SI community and the greater community who is affected by cancer. The CAG strives to provide a safe and caring environment for students to give and receive support for cancer related grief and loss. We also seek to support the outside community by providing funding for cancer related organizations.

Moderator: Brice Campoverdi, Patricia Kennedy and Donna Murphy

Chinese Culture Club (Social Club)

Chinese Culture Club strives to introduce and promote Chinese culture within the SI community and to enrich all students with a knowledge of Chinese customs, traditions, and activities. The club hopes to create a friendly environment suitable for experiencing  a unique and new culture.

Moderators: Ms. Leona Pappas & Ms. Irene Wong

Cookies for Children (Social Justice)

This club provides the opportunity for individuals to help children with diseases by raising money and visiting them with treats.

Moderator: Ms. Lucia Moreno

Dance and Drill (Spirit Club)

Dance and Drill is a hip-hop dance group, made of approximately 24-28 talented, spirited, and diverse students. Drill performs at certain events at SI to raise excitement and school spirit, especially during athletic games throughout the year. Drill meets three times a week to learn choreography and rehearse for the upcoming performances. Our biggest performance is at the basketball Bruce Mahoney's halftime show, in which SI's Dance and Drill performs along with SHCP's Step Team.

Moderator: Emily Shick

Dialogue Club (Social Club)

The Dialogue Club seeks to provide a place for students interested in Middle East Culture and politics to gather to work towards social justice in that region and to inform and educate the SI community regarding these issues.

Moderator: Ms. Kate Kodros, Ms. Helena Miller-Fleig,       Mr. Paul Totah

Disney Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Ms. Carol Quattrin

Dumbledore's Army (Social Club)

Our goal is to give Harry Potter lovers a place to share in their fandom and to raise money for JK Rowling's nonprofit, Lumnos.

Moderator: Ms. Carol Quattrin

Entrepreneurship Club (Social Club)

This club, powered by MIT launch, gives students experience in running a real startup company, allowing them to learn hands-on about the various aspects of entrepreneurship and business.

Moderator: Ms. Kristy Jacobson

Fantasy Sports Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Alvarado

Film and Animation Club (Social Club)

Members of this club will discuss and analyze film and animation as entertainment, but also as an art form.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowitz

Finance Club (Social Club)

The mission is to bring together business and money management wile still applying Jesuit ideas to help prepare students for future jobs as well as future financial planning.

Moderator: Ms. Elizabeth Alexander

Click here for our website.

French Club (Academic Club)

The French Club seeks to introduce the SI community to the language and culture of the over 200 million people around the world who speak French. In order to achieve this mission activities are held throughout the year such as viewing French films, tasting French cheese, attending Mass at Notre Dame des Victoires, celebrating Mardi Gras, and playing petanque (the French form of Bocce).

Moderator: Mr. Daniel Brown & Ms. Cynthia Robertson

Friends of Ocer Campaign, Uganda (Arrupe Club)

This club's mission is to raise money through school bake sales and other fundraisers to fund young students in Africa's education.

Moderator: Mary Ahlbach

Friends of Pearl Lagoon (Social Justice)

The mission of the Friends of Pearl Lagoon is to participate in an international exchange with the communties of the Pearl Lagoon Basin region of Nicaragua. This club strives to devote time and resources to contribute to the enhancement of education in the region and in exchange gain a perspective on education in another region of the world.

Moderator: Mr. Patrick Lynch 

Gaming Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowitz

GEAR Club (Social Justice)

Moderator: Ms. Carol Devincenzi

Geek Squad (Social Club)

The goals will include watching sci-fi/comic book movies/TV shows and discussing them after and holding trivia games. It's also important to raise money to donate and visit places to act as modern-day super-heroes.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowitz

Genesius Club (Social Club)

This club, in the name of St. Genesius, the patron siant of converts and actors, does its best to live out Catholic values in both our private and public lives (values that are not necessarily limited to Catholicism), to be open to growth, to acknowledge and confront how our mainstream culture often depicts, especially on film, youth as an inherently immoral group, to explore what it means to bring holiness to our daily lives, to truly be men and women with and for others, and to share what we learn with our peers.

Moderator: Ms. Katie Wolf

Girls Who Code (Academic Club)

Girls Who Code seeks to reduce the gender disparity within the tech field by empowering girls by teaching them computer science.

Moderator: Ms. Jen Santos and Mr. Alan Siu

Globally Stitched (Social Justice)

Through Kiva. org, the club will help and raise money to loan to a man/woman, in a 3rd world country to help them start a business to support their family.

Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Alvarado

Green Team (Arrupe Club)

The Green Team at SI exists to educate and inspire changes in action and attitude in all members of the SI community so that we can create sustainable practices regarding food, water, transportation, housing, energy, and general consumer practices. We also hope to deepen a connection with nature for members of the SI community so that we might truly find God in all things. We hope that the changes we inspire affect us personally, affect the institution of the school and go beyond the bounds of the school in ever widening circles.

Moderator: Ms. Sarah Merrel & Mr. Paul Totah 

Hip Hop Club

Hip Hop club is a space where students can hang out, learn dance pieces, perform at school events, and make new friends. No dance experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. Come and have fun with the Hip Hop Club!

Club meets Mondays from 3pm - 4pm in room 420

Moderator: Ms. Melissa Mendoza

Hui O Kama’aina - The Polynesian Club (Social Club)

Hui O Kama’aina hopes to share the Polynesian culture with the community through the art of dancing, food and other culturally based celebrations and activities. As a unit, Hui O Kmam’aina will help contribute to the diversity of St. Ignatius and strive to help those in need. 

Moderator: Ms. Jenene Slatt & Ms. Genny Veach

Iggies in Action (Arrupe Club)

This club supports local Bay Area needs.

Moderator: Veronica Bricker

Ignatian - Yearbook (Publications)

The Ignatian’s goal is produce a yearbook that acts as a history book, memory book, and reference book that will be enjoyable to all for both today and the next fifty years. Using words and pictures, the book aims to capture all the actions, thoughts, feelings, joys, and frustrations that the student body will encounter in the school year.

Moderator: Deirdre McGovern and Sandra Schwarz

Immigration Nation (Social Club)

We hope to promote a greater understanding about immigrants to SI students and provide a place to share experiences as a first generation in the U.S.

Moderators: Pedro Cafasso

Improv Club (Social Club)

The goal is to help students get comfortable with public speaking through games, practice, and school wide activities.

Moderator: Ms. Veronica Bricker

InSide SI Newspaper (Publications)

Inside SI Online Newspaper

See Inside SI Archives

Moderator: Kate Denning, Grace Curcio, and Peter Devine

Irish Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Kate Denning

Italian Club (Social Club)

This club strives to create a community that honors the Italian culture and community.

Moderator: Ms. Giovanna Orepeza

It's Your Birthday (Social Club)

This club allows all students to feel that special sentiment that a birthday brings. We will bring balloons and treats for all birthdays.

Moderator: Ms. Lisa Traum

Junior Classical League - JCL (Affiliate Club)

We, the members of the JCL, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise the world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its governments and laws, literature, language, and arts. We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication, and enriches our total growth. The St. Ignatius JCL seeks to affirm the goals of the California Junior Classical League in the light of our Jesuit educational objectives.

Moderator: Grace Curcio and Lana Sum

Korean Culture Club (Social Club)

This club aims to promote Korean culture at SI and foster a sense of community among students who share this common interest.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowitz

Makeup Society (Social Club)

This club's goal is to educate students about makeup, the history  of makeup, usage in society, and different aspects of the usage while offering a safe and welcoming space for all makeup enthusiasts.

Moderator: Ms. Lucia Moreno

Martial Arts Association (Social Club)

This club provides a platform for martial art students to practice at school and teach others about it.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowtiz

Math Club (Academic Club)

The Math Club promotes awareness of and appreciation for mathematics in the world around us. Mathletes will represent SI in the interschool competitions.

Moderator: Katie O'Reilly

Media X DJ Club (Social Club)

This is a music club that brings producers and other creators alike to create awesome inspiring music.

Moderator: Dr. Don Gamble

Mediterranean Club (Social Club)

This club aims to educate students from all nationalities on the culture, lifestyle, and history of the Mediterranean people.

Moderator: Ms. Kate Kodros

Mililani Ukulele Ohana AKA The Ukulele Club (Social)

This club wants to bring uku players together to help those who want to learn to play.

Moderator: Mr. Joe Bommarito

Mind 2 Mind (Social Club)

The mission is to educate the SI community about the growth of mental illnesses in not only our SI community but alos throughout the city. We strive to provide these people with support and encourage our community to come together to fight with us.

Moderator: Ms. Christine Wilkinson

Miss Unlimited Club (Affiliate Club)

Moderator: Ms. Michelle Wynn

Model UN (Affiliate Club)

SI's Model UN Club serves to create informed global citizens through an unthentic simulation of the UN system. Students will develop critical thinking skills through debate, conflict resolution, and foreign policy discussions.

Moderator: Mr. John Steigeler

Mountain Biking Club (Social Club)

The Mountain Biking Club at St. Ignatius exists to foster student passion for the sport of mountain biking. Members are invited and encouraged to join in on group rides, get involved in local bike related events, and ride their bikes as much as possible! Go Ride! Go 'Cats!

Click here for our website

Music for Others (Arrupe Club)

To serve the San Francisco community by sharing our musical talents with the elderly of local convalescent homes.

Moderator: Carol Quattrin

Outdoors Club (Social Club)

The SI Outdoors Club strives to bring together peers who share a love of the outdoors through engaging off-campus excursions and through raising awareness about environmental issues in the SI community. We hope to deepen students’ appreciation for nature by taking trips to places that may not be far away, but that are not well known to the community to experience the beauty in the world around us. We want our members to develop a love for being surrounded by the outdoors and a desire to preserve the natural world.

Moderator: Joe Bommarito & Ms. Christina Wenger

Pep Band (Spirit Club)

Moderator: Chad Zullinger

Pet Nation (School Service)

A club in which pet lovers have a mssion: to share their unique experiences  and bonds with their pets. SI students can share the unconditional love and happiness that pets bring to people. Reaching out as community service, pets can bring comfort to people in times of need; to children in hospitals and seniors in care centers. We can assist with therapy dog visits during exam weeks.

Moderator: Ms. Maureen Sullivan

Photos for Friends (Social Club)

The mission is to caputre and share the beauty of the world and of the people around us as well as give something to those who don't have much, even if it's a picture - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Moderator: Mr. Carlos Gazulla

Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Society (Arrupe Club)

Moderator: John DeBenedetti

Ready, Set, Grow SI Gardening Club (Social Club)

In the SI Gardening Club, we strive to inspire growth in others and our school environment through the practive of gardening.

Moderator: Ms. Ashley Frazer

Respect Life Club (Social Justice)

Moderator: Br. Joe Frias

Safe Space (Affinity Club)

Safe Space Christian Life Community creates a forum in which LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning) students and faculty, along with their straight allies, are able to discuss discrimination issues based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Through our work as men and women for and with others, we hope to establish and nurture an atmosphere of compassion, respect and awareness on the St. Ignatius campus.  

Moderator: Ms. Sharon Brannen, Mr. Chad Evans, Ms. Amy Harms, Mr. Patrick Lynch, & Mr. Isaac Strong

Sailing Club

Service Club (Service Club)

Moderator: Mr. Charlie Stanley & Mr. Dan Vollert

SI Cyber Patriots Club (Affiliate Club)

To gain valuable insight into cyber security and its vulnerabilities, to learn and protect our information from outside threats and spread awareness.

Moderators: Mr. Eric Castro

SI Live (Social Club)

Moderator: Ms. Michelle Wynn & Mr. Sean Lawhon

SI MedCats (Social Justice)

This is a club that brings together students interested in persung a medical career or anyone curious about the field.

Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Alvarado and Ms. Veronica Bricker

SI Smiles

Moderator: Ms. Deirdre McGovern

SI STEM Club (Academic Club)

Promote and facilitate student interest and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Moderator: Ms. Kristina Boyce, Mr. Jeff Noblejas, &         Mr. Mike Ugawa

SI to Go (Social Club)

Moderator: Julie St Clair

SIFC (St. Ignatius Football Club)

SIFC brings the world of soccer to SI. Members of SIFC will get to watch soccer games during lunch and study the cultural effects of soccer on our world.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Rhodes

Sit 'n' Knit (Social Justice)

Moderators: Ms. Katy Dumas and Mr. Alan Siu

SITV (School Service)

SITV seeks to showcase all aspects of St. Ignatius College Preparatory through the delivery of announcements on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We spotlight all of our student body with its different gifts and talents by shifting the lens to show all of the different shapes, sizes, and colors that make up SI. To create a sense of community, SITV is an environment where students can come and learn the mechanics of filming, editing, sound engineering, and broadcasting.

Moderators: Dr. Justin Christensen, Mr. Yosup Joo, and Mr. Mike Santos

Speech and Debate (Academic & Affiliate Club)

Speech and Debates promotes public speaking and rhetoric, explores ideas, and fosters healthy dialogue, discussion, and debate here on campus and at outside competitions. 

Moderators: Mr. Joe Bommarito and Mr. Alex Macmillan

Spoken Word (Social Club)

Moderator: Ms. Xan Roberti


Surf Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Anthony Cavello

The SI Surf Club is a student-centered club whose purpose is to promote community among SI students, faculty and staff who share a passion for surfing and beach culture. The SI Surf Club strives to serve the community and the environment through its actions and words, in and out of the water.

  • Community Building: pizza nights/guest speakers
  • Fostering Love for the Ocean: surf camp, dawn patrol, other beach activites...
  • Commitment to environment: beach clean ups
  • Commitiment to surf-related causes: sponsor an inner-city kid surf camp scholarship

Local Surf Forcasts

Surf Club Website

Team One Love (National Affiliate)

This club aims to change the social climate that currently enables abuse to take place and reduce the amount of social capital required for bystanders to intervene. We believe we can ultimately change the unacceptable statistics around relationship violence.

Moderator: Ms. Amy Harms

The Daraja Club (Social Justice)

In the Daraja Club, we are bringing awareness to the lack of educational opportunities for women, specifically by working with the Daraja School for Girls in Kenya, and to provide more opportunities for girls to attend the school.

Moderator: Ms. Meredith Mannion

The Jam Club

To Play. To Listen. To Express.

Moderator: Mr. Galen Green

The Quill Literary Magazine (Publications)

The Quill is St. Ignatius College Preparatory’s student-run literary magazine. Under the auspices of the English Department, this publication prints creative short fiction, poetry, and art from SI students. After reviewing submissions from students at every grade level, the editorial board chooses, edits, and lays out the material for the magazine. The magazine is distributed to the SI community in May of every year.

Moderators: Nora Miller, Carole Nickolai, Elizabeth Purcell, Tim Reardon

The Skimboarding Club (Social Club)

Moderator: Mr. Paul Maychrowitz

The Summit Club (Social Club)

This club brings together those who love mountain sports together to share the love of the snow for mindfulness and relaxation.

Moderator: Ms. Haley Sanchez

Thursday Morning Comfort Run (Arrupe Club)

The Comfort Run team facilitates student trips to accompany our tenderloin neighbors through the distribution of sandwiches, juice and smiles.

Moderator: Carlos Escobar

TLC (Social Club)

Moderator: Mr. Patrick Lannan

Today's Youth Matter (Social Justice)

This club works with and promotes the TYM organization throughout the year at events like the TYM Christmas Party and the TYM Walkathon.

Moderator: Ms. Anne Stricherz

Ultimate Club (Social Club)

The goal of this club is to create a fun and inclusive community for SI students to play Ultimate.

Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Alvarado

UNICEF Club (National Affiliate)

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Club's mission is to unite all students in working to benefit children and the community through fundraising and volunteer work.

Moderator: Ms. Maricel Hernandez

We Can Eat It (Social Club)

We Can Eat It Club serves to educate others about food allergies/intolerances/diseases and be a fun place to learn with an outlet for discussion.

Moderator: Ms. Helena Miller-Fleig

We Day Club (Social Justice)

The goal is to empower and inspire youth to take action and serve their community and the world. At the end, groups can participate in the We Day event.

Moderator: Ms. Karen Cota

Wildcat Nation (Social Club)

Moderators: Rob Marcaletti

Wildcat Welcoming Club - WWC (Service Club)

The WWC is an SI service organization for freshman and sophomore students.  Members of the WWC assist the Admissions Office and represent SI at various events, including the Student Visitation Program and Open House.  Members are also responsible for fulfilling the same service club duties expected of our Service Club and Block Club and other requests made by the SI Administration.

Moderator: Ms. Lori Yap

Wildcat Writers (Publications)

The goal of this club is to provide passionate writers a supportive sanctuary, to inform them about contests and submisson opportunities, and most importantly to go beyond the walls of SI to connect with adult wriitng group and extend the writing program to elementary and middle schools.

Moderators: Ms. Xan Roberti and Ms. Kristen Moraine

World Debate (Social Club)

World debate is an academic club for those who love both current events and debate in a less competetive environment with a service aspect of giving back to those in need.

Moderator: Mr. John Stiegeler

Young Chefs Worldwide (Social Club)

At YCW, the club strives to bring the culinary arts into the minds of youth, while giving back to those less fortunate.

Moderator: Mr. Kareem Guilbeaux

Youth Learning About Business (Social Club)

This club educates youth about business today and inspires future business leaders tomorrow.

Moderator: Ms. Kristy Jacobson

Young Liberals Coalition

Moderator: Ms. Kate Kodros

Youth Policy Initiative (Social Justice)

Youth Policy Initiative serves high-achieving, underprivileged middle shool students by inspiring them to find solutions for the many issues facing San Fransico today, fostering political awareness.

Moderator: Ms. Sarah Prendergast

Young Republicans Association (Social Club)

To promote awareness of Republican values within the Saint Ignatius and Bay Area communities and to engage in a full range of activities to ensure the adoption of policies which lead to limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a strong national defense.

Moderator: Mr. Bill Isham

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

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