CS Forms

Service Verification Form

  • This form must be used to keep track of and verify ALL service hours, both Core and Support.
  • It is expected that students will submit this form in order to receive credit. Please submit this form online to Community Service to the link provided. Please make sure it is completed in full with all appropriate contact information.
  • Since Community Service works to maintain service records for our entire student body, we encourage prompt verification of volunteer activity. This way students are empowered to keep volunteer activity current.
  • DUE DATE GUIDELINE: The purpose of timely turn in of service verification is to encourage students to take responsibility for letting SI know about their wonderful volunteer actions. We also know that high school students often work best with gentle deadlines. Full credit is always provided for service materials turned in within six month of volunteer activity. Students are encouraged to turn in hours verification even if they may be older than 6 months. Students will always receive credit, though partial credit may be applied to service materials turned in very late.

Core Project Application Form

  • Use this form to plan and present your Core Project to Community Service BEFORE you begin.
  • This form is used for all Core Project proposals. Please read the directions as they will be helpful as you move forward with your core planning.
  • This form must be completed in full, including WHERE you will be volunteering, WHEN you will be volunteering, WHAT you will be doing as a volunteer, and WHY you selected this project.
  • Contact information is important as they show us you have formalized your service project both with the agency staff and with your parent(s).
  • Finally, CS staff will review this form and notify you of your status. Once we see that you have a great plan and it fits our Core Project criteria, you will get approval and will receive your reflection materials.

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