Social Movements and Social Justice 

First Things First

Using the information you have learned this semester, brainstorm different topics to come up with movements, phrases, leaders, and sayings that resonated with you.

These are your KEY WORDS, use them to find articles to expand your exsisting knowledge on the subjects of your choosing. 

When searching in a database or a search engine utilized AND, OR, and NOT fucntions to combine key words 

example: Civil Rights AND Emmit Till

This will get you information regarding both. Otherwise you will get information about either or.

Research Databases

When using off campus CLICK HERE for passwords.

EBSCO general database that many of the major universities use. 

Britannica On-line general encyclopedia, magazines, primary sources, video clips

Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS) newspapers, magazines, maps, and reference sources

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center  click on Issues in the menu bar and locate your issue with accompanying information.

Great Lives and Events From History primary sources, biographies, and details decriptions of events in history

Issues and Controversies in American History a great survey of events from 1600s to the present 


Internet Resources 

Digital Public Library of America A great reseource of information pulled from various libraries from all over the US Sometimes you will need statistics to back up your facts or to really showcase a point 

The American Presendency Project Learn the persepctive of the president at the time of a movement that interest you

African American Migration Experience A great resource of secondary and primary sources on the african diaspora 


Citing Sources

Wilsey Library citing sources WEBSITE


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