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Named Scholarships

The following are scholarships at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, both perpetually and partially endowed. All scholarships listed in the first section are perpetually endowed. To meet current tuition needs, a new scholarship can be perpetually endowed at $100,000. A corpus of $25,000 is required to have a partial scholarship. The proceeds of the endowments are given annually to deserving and academically qualified SI students in accordance with the provisions of the scholarship. Anyone interested in establishing a perpetual memorial or commemorative scholarship should contact the Development Office.

(All scholarships started prior to July 2006 will be forever recognized as a perpetually endowed scholarship at the prior threshold of $50,000, and as a partial scholarship at the prior threshold of $12,500.)


Perpetually Endowed Scholarships

Alumni Association Scholarship

Anicetti Family Scholarship

Anonymous Scholarships (7)

Peter Patrick Madigan Antonini Scholarship Fund (2)

L. James Archer, Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund (6)

Edward J. Armanino Scholarship Endowment Fund (7)

Maureen & Kenneth Atwell Endowed Scholarship Fund (20)

Opal I. Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Anton Bakker Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Baldocchi Endowed Family Scholarship Fund (9)

Thomas J. Bannan Scholarship Endowment (7)

Renolds J. Barbieri & Evelyn Barbieri Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barbieri ‘36 Scholarship Fund (2)

Barisic Family Scholarship

Lawrence & Mae E. Barrett Scholarship

Anthony Bartmann Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Edmond Bedrossian Scholarship Fund

Helen & Joseph Bernstein Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Mary Katherine Bertken & James Thomas Bertken Scholarship Fund

Conchita O. Bishop Scholarship (2)

Bonino Family Performing Arts Scholarship

Thomas J. Brandi Family Scholarship (3)

Brown Family Scholarship

Browne-Horgan Family Scholarship

Buckley Family, Class of ’55 Scholarship

Peter and Alberta Brusati Memorial Scholarship (2)

Louis Bueler Scholarship Fund

Bugatto Family Memorial Scholarship Fund (2)

John E. Buick III Scholarship (2)

Calegari Scholarship Fund, Jean-Paul ‘85 & Jean-Claude ‘89

Clark & Elizabeth Callander Scholarship Fund (4)

Steven D. Cannata Scholarship (3)

Gregory & Robin Canonica Scholarship (2)

Fr. Harry V. Carlin, S.J. Ignatian Guild Memorial Scholarship

William & Beatrice Carlin Endowed Scholarship Fund (5)

K. Carpenter Family Scholarship Fund

Thomas Caruso Scholarship

Casaudoumecq Family Scholarship Fund

John & Dagmar Casey Scholarship (3)

Marilyn K. Christen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Class of 1929 Scholarships (5)

HDJ Class of ’29 Scholarship

Class of 1936 Scholarship

Class of 1940 Scholarship (2)

Class of 1942 Memorial Scholarship (2)

Class of 1943 Scholarship

Class of 1944, Ivan “Bud” Maroevich Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1948, Jim Kearney Scholarship (3)

Class of 1949, Pat Malley Scholarship

Class of 1950 Scholarship

Class of 1951, First Friday Scholarship Fund

Class of 1951, Warren White Scholarship

Class of 1952 Scholarships

   Class of 1952 General Scholarship (4)

   Br. Rich Devine, S.J. Scholarship

   Pasha Family Scholarship, Class of 1952 (2)

   Edward J. Thylstrup, Class of 1952 (2)

   John & Frances Thylstrup Scholarship in Honor

   of the Class of 1952 (2)

   Fred Tollini, Class of 1952 Scholarship

   Richard J. Wall Educational Scholarship Fund

Class of 1953, Jack Ashman Scholarship

Class of 1955, Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown, Jr. Scholarship

Class of 1955, Dan Casey Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1958 Scholarship (2)

Class of 1964, Dennis Carter Scholarship

Class of 1965 Scholarship

Class of 1967 Scholarship

Class of 1968 Scholarship

Class of ‘69 Joey Alioto Scholarship

Class of 1972 Scholarship

Class of 1973, John McVeigh Scholarship

Class of 1974 Scholarship

Class of 1975 Scholarship in Honor of Fr. Tony Sauer and Brother Douglas Draper

Class of 1978 Scholarship (2)

Class of 1979 Scholarship

Class of 1980 Scholarship

Class of 1983, Daniel J. Linehan Scholarship

Cocconi - Silvestri Family Scholarship

Angela and Christopher Cohan Scholarship

Hugo & Lena Coli Memorial Scholarship

Andrew J. (’45) and Marion J. Collins Family Scholarship

James E. Collins, Jr. Scholarship

John P. Collins, Sr. Scholarships (2)

Chris Columbus and Monica Devereux Scholarship

John J. Connolly, ‘39 Scholarship

Frances Grace Corriea Memorial Scholarship (3)

Brian Cotter Memorial Scholarship (3)

Kevin & Susie Coyne Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michael F. Coyne Family Scholarship (4)

William B. Davenport ‘74 Endowed Scholarship Fund (2)

Lyda Rico De Luca Foundation Scholarships (10)

John B. “Jack” Deasy ‘29 Scholarship

Patti & Leonard Delmas Scholarship Fund

James J. & Catherine A. DeMartini Scholarship

St. Vincent De Paul Scholarship

James Devine, ‘63 Memorial Scholarship Fund (8)

Joe & Maggie Diffley Scholarship

Vincent Donohue Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thomas Doyle, Class of ‘55 Scholarship

Andrew and Anne Driscoll Family Scholarship

Drucker Family Scholarship

Catherine & Richard Duggan Scholarship (3)

Eldemir Family Scholarship

Britt and Nancy Evans Scholarship Fund

W. Chester Farrell Endowed Scholarship Fund

John F. & Mary Finnegan Scholarship

Forbush/Aveson Scholarship

Friends of S.I. Scholarships (2)

Camile & Hazel Frizzie Scholarship

Carl & Celia Berta Gellert Scholarship Fund (2)

Charlotte McFarland Gibbons Fund (6)

Edward & Cherie M. Gilmore Memorial Scholarship

Ginotti Family Scholarship

Rick Goethals Scholarship (3)

Goossens-Rambo Family Scholarship

The Donald J. Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Margaret C. Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Fred R. Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund

Richard & Shirley Gravelle Memorial Scholarship

Jean & E. C. Grayson Scholarship (2)

Raymond Grialou Scholarship

Guglielmi Family Scholarship

John J. Guheen Scholarship

Marian Hanan Perpetual Scholarship Fund

Dawn and Brit Hahn Family Scholarship

Katherine L. Handley Endowed Scholarship Fund

Howard George Hanton/Patricia Camerena Scholarship Fund

Kathleen Kiernan Harrington Scholarship Fund

Ramona Hayes-Healey Scholarship

Heafey Family Scholarship

Florence Heafey Foundation Scholarships (5)

Hearst Foundation Scholarships (2)

Albert J. Holmes Scholarship (2)

George & Josie Norien Hornstein Scholarship

Jean Hubber Scholarship

Ignatian Guild Scholarship in honor of Nancy Culhane

Joseph & Marion Imhof Scholarship

Mary Newman Iracki Memorial Scholarship

The Father John Isaacs Scholarship

John M. Jack Family Scholarship

Jaquier Family Scholarship

Jon Philip Jensen Scholarship

Jesuit Scholarship Fund (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Jones Scholarship

Anna & Barry D. Kane Family Scholarship (2)

Elton A. and Marion M. Kane Memorial Scholarship

Keating Memorial Scholarship

Kern Family Scholarship

William J. Kirby Scholarship

Leo Paul Koulos and D. Virginia Koulos Scholarship Fund

David E. Kozel Scholarship

Edward & Elizabeth Kozel Family Scholarship Fund (4)

The Honorable Richard & Susan Kramer Scholarship

Jerry & Kathy Krause Scholarship

Nicholas Kurtela Memorial Scholarship

Francis A. Lagomarsino (Class of 1927) and Jean Y. Lagomarsino Scholarship

Robert & Millicent Lalanne Family Scholarship Fund

Karen & Scott Lamson Scholarship Fund

Alfred D. Lawson Memorial Scholarship Fund

James Leavey Scholarship Fund

Gonzalo Legorreta Memorial Scholarship

Gonzalo Legorreta, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

John Barrett Leonardini Scholarship (3)

Jules & Dorothy Leonardini Scholarship

Lopez Low Endowed Scholarship

John J. LoSchiavo, S.J. Scholarship (2)

Loyola Guild Scholarships (8)

John H. Lyden, Sr. Scholarship

Eugene F. & Jeanne M. Lynch Family Scholarship

Frank Mack and Zella Mack Scholarship

Sister Felicitas Macsera, O.P. Scholarship

Pat Malley Football Scholarship

Ivan “Bud “Maroevich Scholarship

Mason Family Scholarship

Brian Matza ‘71 Scholarship Fund

Matza Family Scholarship Fund

Rev. Charles J. McCarthy, S.J. Scholarship

Sister Frances McCarthy Endowed Scholarship

Leo T. McCarthy ’48 Scholarship

McCarthy-Lawson Family Scholarship Fund

Michael & Elizabeth McDonnell Scholarship

Sally Ann & John McInerney Scholarship Fund

Tom McInerney ‘44 Scholarship

Melka Family Scholarship Fund

Leon B. Metz, Jr. MD Memorial Scholarship Fund

Russell Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund (3)

Georgia Edna Molfino Scholarship

William J. Moore, Scholarship

Daniel J. Moriarty (SI ’49) Scholarship

Daniel J. & Mary Moriarty Scholarship (3)

Hannah & Catherine Moriarty Scholarship (2)

Mickey Moriarty Scholarship

Moriarty & McInerney Scholarship

James J. & Mary Muldoon Scholarships (2)

Daniel J. Murphy Scholarship (2)

Francis and Virginia Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stella Agius Muscat Scholarship Fund

Hal Riney & Elizabeth Myers Educational Scholarship

Odell Foundation Scholarship (2)

Ronald J. Oliva Scholarship

Rita Dollard O’Malley Ignatian Guild Scholarship

Otellini Family Scholarship

Peter and Sophie Pappas Scholarship

David Passanisi Scholarship Fund

Kathleen and Robert L. Paver, MD Scholarship

Captain Thomas J. Petrini Scholarship Fund

Pidgeon Family Scholarship Fund (3)

Adam Powers Memorial Scholarship

Purcell Brothers Scholarship Fund

Reidy Family Scholarship

Edward, Fred, John and William Ritchie Scholarships (4)

Gary L. Roberts Scholarship Fund (5)

The Don & Catharine Robinson Scholarship Fund

Jim and Carolyn Rocca Scholarship Fund

Victor Lawrence Rollandi Family Scholarship

Kevin V. Ryan Family Scholarship

Rev. William D. Ryan, S.J. Scholarship

S.W. & J. Stuart Ryan Scholarship (2)

Safreno Family Scholarship Fund

Sangiacomo Scholarship Fund

Nicholas & Anne C. Sapunar Scholarship

Anthony P. Sauer, S.J. Scholarship Fund

Father Anthony P. Sauer, S.J. Ignatian Guild Scholarship

Rita & Kearney Sauer, MD Scholarship

Rita Perdue Sauer Ignatian Guild Mother’s Memorial Scholarship

Florence Joseph & Priscilla Mary Scannell Scholarship Fund

L. Emmett and Bernice M. Schaefer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fr. Tom Seagrave Scholarship

Seiwald Family Scholarship

Raj Singh Family Endowed Scholarship

Peter Smith Scholarship

Society of Jesus Scholarship (2)

Solso Family Scholarship

Thomas F. Stack, Sr. & Jr. Scholarship

Sugrue Family Scholarships (7)

Kirk C. Syme Family Scholarship

Szarnicki & Donovan Scholarship (3)

Jon E. Tarantino Scholarship

Thiemann Family Scholarship

Toboni Family Scholarship (2)

The Burl A. Toler Achievement Scholarship

Elsie and Dino Tonelli Family Scholarship

Matt A. Tonkovich Scholarship

Jean Travers Scholarship

Vince Tringali Scholarship

Robbie Payton Unruh Memorial Scholarship

Vaughan & Capitolo Family Scholarship

Vaughan Family Scholarship (2)

Viehweg Family Scholarship

Anthony G. Vlantis Scholarship Fund

Charles A. & Albina Rossi Wall Scholarship

Grace Walsh Family Scholarship

Rev. Robert T. Walsh, S.J. Ignatian Guild Scholarship

W. Urie Walsh, Sr. Scholarship Fund (2)

Barrett & Elise Weber Family Scholarship In Memory of Florence Weber

Wikstrom-Grimstad Family Scholarship

Judge Raymond D. Williamson Scholarship

Elizabeth Mary Wolf Endowed Scholarship Fund (2)


Partially Endowed Scholarships

Admiral Daniel J. Callaghan Society

Joan Allen Scholarship Fund

Alvernaz Family Scholarship

Angelo Baffico Scholarship Fund

Fr. John R. Becker, Jr., S.J. Scholarship

Roland Biancalana Scholarship

Mary and John Bruno Scholarship Fund

Maureen Bruschera Memorial Scholarship

Graham Milani Michael Burke Scholarship

Buscovich Family Scholarship Fund

Sr. Candelaria O. P. Scholarship

Andy & Miriam Canepa Scholarship

Thomas J. Carroll ‘43 Alumni Scholarship

Salvatore Ciraulo Memorial Scholarship

Monsignor William J. Clasby Scholarship

Class of 1928 Scholarship

Class of 1937 Scholarship

Class of 1941, Daniel Coleman Scholarship

Class of 1954 Scholarship

Class of 1955, David P. Dawson Scholarship

Class of 1955, Fr. Richard L. McCurdy, S.J. Scholarship

Class of 1959 Scholarship

Class of 1961 Scholarship

Class of 1966, Mike Walsh Scholarship

Class of 1970 Scholarship

Class of 1976 Scholarship

Class of 1981 Scholarship

Class of 1982 Scholarship

Class of 1984 Scholarship

Class of 1986 Scholarship

Class of 1987 Scholarship

Class of ‘97, Brian McBrady Scholarship

Peter Claver, S.J. Scholarship 

Ed & Marie Collins Scholarship

David Costello Scholarship Fund

Shou Mei Hu-Eric K.S. Cowan Scholarship Fund

Cronin/Schneider Family Scholarship

Barbara Adams Crudo Memorial Scholarship

Thomas J. Culligan Scholarship

RK Davies Scholarship

Peter Merle Devine, Fine Arts Scholarship

Br. Douglas Draper, S.J. Scholarship

Eldemir Family Scholarship

The Bryan Ellis Family Scholarship

Dr. R. Jerome Ennis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Kendra Fallon Scholarship

James V. Farley, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Harold Harper Scholarship

Curt & Patsy Hayden Family Scholarship Fund

Robert Emmet Hayden Family Scholarship

John Hazelwood Scholarship

I.W. Hellman Scholarship

Michael J. Homer Scholarship

Jeffrey Jue Endowed Scholarship Fund

James Keating Scholarship

Rev. William J. Keenan, S.J. Scholarship

John L. Kozuch Scholarship Fund

Kutzscher Family Endowed Scholarship

John “Gary” Leahy ’57 Scholarship Fund

William T. & Mary M. Logan Family Scholarship

Patrick D. & Bridget T. Lucey Scholarship Fund

Sally Bunyon Lynch Scholarship

Grace Caldwell Magill Memorial Scholarship

Paolo Luigi Maraviglia Memorial Scholarship

Michael Maring Scholarship

Ken Martin Memorial Scholarship

Michael and Jeannee Martin Family Scholarship

JacK McCaffrey ‘47 Scholarship

Cornelius (1932) and Mary McCarthy Scholarship

Michael J. McFadden Scholarship

McGovern Family Scholarship

Terrence V. McGuire Scholarship

Tim McInerney Scholarship

C. Merrill Foundation Scholarship

Mission Dolores Academy Scholarship

Sharon & Robert Mohun Family Scholarship

Jack Mona Class of ‘52 and Maureen O’Brien Mona Scholarship

J.B. Murphy Scholarship

Joseph Matthew Murphy, ‘80 Scholarship

Nejasmich Family Scholarship

Father James Francis Cannon O’Brien, S.J. Scholarship Fund

Oliva-Watters Family Scholarship (‘01,’27,’98,’00)

Tom O’Neill / Phil Tomasello Scholarship

Onken Family Scholarship

O’Riley Scholarship

Page/McInerney Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. Alex Papalexopoulos Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Boynton Parker Scholarship

Pertsch Family Scholarship

Miguel Pro, S.J. Scholarship

Dante & Irene Ravetti Scholarship

Karen Reidy Memorial Scholarship

Katie Robinson Scholarship

Leo Rock, S.J. Memorial Scholarship

Tim Russert Scholarship

Angelo and Yvonne Sangiacomo Family Scholarship

Anthony P. Sauer, S.J. Scholarship

Shea, Labagh, Dobberstein CPA’s Scholarship

William and Patricia Sheedy Scholarship

Edward and Alicia Silvia Scholarship

Sisters of St. Charles Elementary School Scholarship

The Kate and John B. Sullivan Scholarship Fund

Miss Nancy Turo Scholarship

Michael Bruce Ugawa Science Scholarship Fund

Richard A. Valentine, Class of 1943 Scholarship Fund

The Westerhouse-Dunnigan Family Scholarship Fund

Charles E. White Scholarship

Jack and Florence Wildermuth Scholarship Fund


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