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Jesuits practice a "faith that does justice," and SI asks students to do the same. It's how we understand the Great Commandment: to love God above all else and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Students have all sorts of opportunities to help those in need and to understand the systems at play that create poverty, injustice, violence and discrimination. Their job now and for years to come is to find ways to heal a broken world and to love as Christ loved. Read below to see the opportunities we offer.

Community Service Program

 The Office of Community Service & Social Justice is a program that supports students to serve our community as volunteers who walk with those in need. As a vital aspect of our Ignatian character, we invite our SI students to engage in service with and for others, both as a part of their academic requirements and as a part of their everyday lives. We encourage particpation and commitment to social justice using the teachings of Fr. Pedro Arrupe , SJ and his influnential speech, "Men for Others: Education for Social Justice and Action Today."

The Community Service Center works to strengthen the service-learning character of our  graduation requirement, intentionally developing both curricular and co-curricular experiences that enhance student learning within the community. As a Jesuit school, we have the mission to support our graduates to be “men and woman with and for others.” Through social justice and service engagement, SI students practice what  it means to live out this ideal within the real world. 

Viewed through the lens of a "continuum of service," the Center aims to engage our students in a variety of ways, helping to facilitate their active involvement in service,faith development and personal leadership. Our activities and programs are flexible-in the sense that they provide different entry points to our students such that their own personalities and unique styles can shine through their volunteer activities. This website represents what we offer to students at SI, both organized directly through the Service Center as well as through various clubs, groups and teachers here on campus. 

For more information about the Office of Community Service and Social Justice, please see our website.

Ms. Jocelyn A. Sideco
Director of Community Service & Social Justice
415-731-7500 ext.5605

Mr. John Ottersberg
Community Service & Social Justice Coordinator
415-731-7500 ext. 5330 

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Ignatian Family Teach In

Each fall SI students travel to gather with thousands of others at the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice, to honor the life of the Jesuit and other Salvadoran Martyrs and respond to the justice issues of our day in Washington D.C. Come join this three-day learning experience to dialogue and strategize about ways to confront issues of injustice, poverty, and oppression both nationally and internationally.

Go to the link below to learn more about the Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice.

More information is posted on our Community Service and Social Justice website.

Social Justice Clubs

The following student clubs fall under the heading of Arrupe Clubs (named for Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the former Father General of the Society of Jesus). They promote social justice in unique ways.

Amnesty International: To protest the incarceration of prisoners of conscience through letter-writing. To educate and inform the SI community on current human right issues.  Moderator: John Ottersberg

Cancer Awareness & Support Club It is the mission of the Cancer Awareness Group to outreach to those both in the SI community and the greater community who is affected by cancer. The CAG strives to provide a safe and caring environment for students to give and receive support for cancer related grief and loss. We also seek to support the outside community by providing funding for cancer related organizations. Moderators: Brice Campoverdi and Donna Murphy

Corazon Club: The mission of the Corazon Club is to build community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency, and insipiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders. Moderator: Joseph Bommarito

Cupcakes for a Cause: Our mission is to use our baking talents to help raise money for different charities in the community. Moderator: Jennifer Curtin

Friends of Ocer Campaign, Uganda Moderator Mary Ahlbach

Get on the Bus (GOTB): Seeks to support the efforts of the Get on the Bus Program to help unite children with parents that are incarcerated.

G.I.V.E.: Get Involved, Value Everyone: This club continues their spiritual journey of becomming men and women with and for others through selfless acts of compassion to not only make a difference in lives, but also to create a more loving environment for all. Moderator: Patrick Lannan

The Green Team at SI exists to educate and inspire changes in action and attitude in all members of the SI community so that we can create sustainable practices regarding food, water, transportation, housing, energy, and general consumer practices. We also hope to deepen a connection with nature for members of the SI community so that we might truly find God in all things. We hope that the changes we inspire affect us personally, affect the institution of the school and go beyond the bounds of the school in ever widening circles. Moderators: Shelley Friedman and Paul Totah 

Iggies in Action: This club supports local Bay Area needs. Moderator: Veronica Bricker

Invisible Children: Moderator Scott Haluck

Kujali is a social justice club aimed to raise awareness of injustices in East Africa. Our goal is to provide aid to impverished Kenyan children to ensure a better future through education. Moderator: Gillian Clements

L'arche Club: The club's mission is to bring people of different intellectual capacity, religion, and culture together to engage in advocacy of those on the margins of society and to raise awareness of the gifts of people with disabilities. Moderator: Brian Rhodes

The Make-A-Wish Club's mission is to advocate for awareness and solidarity. We also call to help grant wishes of children in the Make-A-Wish program both by raising money and enriching their experience with laughter, hope, and strength. Moderator: Meredith Galvin

Missing Pieces looks to support current underrepresented students by allowing them to outreach to their communities about opportunities at St. Ignatius. The hope is that by sharing with middle school students about their experience at SI, more underrepresented students of color will apply to SI and attend if accepted, Moderator: Abram Jackson

Music for Others: To serve the San Francisco community by sharing our musical talents with the elderly of local convalescent homes. Moderator: Carol Quattrin

Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center Society: Moderator John DeBenedetti

Project Impact is dedicated to helping SI students make a significant impact in the world. Moderator: David Lorentz

SI Smiles: To help others achieve their dreams by providing them with dental supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss so that they can build self-esteem through their healthy smiles.

SI with and for Animals: Moderator: Kristen Moraine

The Magic Bus Club strives to fundraise and help spread awareness regarding gender equality, health, and education issues found in the lives of impoverished Indian youth. Moderator: Gillian Clements

Thursday Morning Comfort Run: The Comfort Run team facilitates student trips to accompany our tenderloin neighbors through the distribution of sandwiches, juice and smiles. Moderator: Carlos Escobar

Today's Youth Matter: We hope to help in creating memories and building lasting relationships with these TYM kids. By getting more students to participate in the annual Walk for Their Future, we can help raise money for a bigger and better camp for the kids. Moderator: Anne Stricherz

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