Some Updates on the Women's Trophy

Inside SI: So, SI and SHC had their second meeting regarding the possible Women's Trophy on November 21st. Who was there representing SI and SHC, respectively? Michael Lundgren: The members of the SI team are the five members of Executive Council, so myself, Gen McCloy'18, Dom Hauscarriague'18, Sophia Jadallah'18, and Chaz Franchesconi'19. Mr. Gavin, Ms. Davis, and Mr. Mulkerrins are the adult leaders of the team. From the SHC side, we had their equivalent of Executive Council, the two athletic directors, and Mr. Gavin's counterpart.

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by Francesca Ledesma ’15 Managing Editor

As the US history class goes over slavery, people turn towards the one African American person in the class. A teacher mixes up the names of two Asian American students, though they do not even look alike. Students greet another student differently than his peers because of his race. Have you seen one of these happen? If so, you have witnessed racial to read more.

Money on our Minds

Gina Cusing ’16 Managing Editor

Let’s take a moment to play a game of “spot the differences” at SI. After a while, some things begin to stand out: who owns a car and who doesn’t, who’s going out of town this break and who isn’t, who got the newest iPhone and who didn’ to read more.